Thursday, March 26, 2009

It all comes out in the wash...

I was cruising the net today, and came across this site:

Park2Go is my previous employer, of whom I worked for between the time I was laid off by CP Rail, and my current job. Ironically enough, the day before I was to resign to take my current job, they ended up firing me for something I didn't do, and they refused to prove.

Why they fired me is a pretty funny story... In mid-February, a car parked in our lot received a lot of damage from an apparent hit-and-run. I happened to be working when the poor owners of the car returned home to find the trunk of their car caved in, which was my only involvement in the situation. I took photos, took their statements and informed management of the incident.

An 'investigation' was launched by the general manager, which apparantly concluded that I was the cause of the damage. I was called into the manager's office, and told that after doing some 'investigating', it was determined that I was the one who damaged the vehicle, and that I covered it up. When I asked to see the evidence he had collected against me, he said he was under no obligation to show it to me (which obviously meant he didn't have any.)

I was then requested to pay the company $2000 to cover the 'deductible', or... in his words... 'today would be your last day'. Naturally, I refused to pay any money to the company (especially for something I didn't do), and left.

Now, what puzzled me was why he even bothered to go through the process of possibly putting his reputation, his company's assets and his job on the line by fabricating this story. After all, during my 'termination' meeting I was told not to bother pursuing any legal recourse, since I was still under probation and he said he could 'fire me because he didn't like my hair'. If he really wanted to get rid of me, he could have just said 'it's not working out, thanks for everything, see you later' and that would have been the end of it. He said that he had 'many other reasons' why he could let me go on the spot, so that it didn't matter what I did ... I'll let you draw your own conclusions on this one, and trust me... I have a few that I'm certain are correct.

If you need to know what kind of a company this is, just take the word of a few of their satisfied customers.

Back from Edmonton after a few days, off for a bit and then off to Lethbridge for a spell. I'll try to get some photos online soon.

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