Friday, March 20, 2009

Back home

Well, I'm finally back home in Calgary after two weeks in Saskatchewan. Our time in the Land of Living Skies saw us visiting churches in Paradise Hill, St. Walburg, Livelong, Makwa and Barthel. Based in a very charming Bed and Breakfast in St. Walburg (Hummingbird Haven B&B, which I highly reccomend if you are ever in the area), we travelled to churches in surrounding communities taking photographs. It took some getting used to, living in a town as small as St. Walburg (especially being born and raised in Toronto) - it seemed that every community we went to was even smaller than the last..!! Barthel turned out to be just a church and a community hall located about 10 kilometers off of the main road - no stores, no gas station - not even a post office.

We were greeted in Makwa by having no cell phone coverage.

Portable studio setup in Makwa Lions Hall/Gymnasium/Bingo/Auditorium

Downtown Makwa

Abandoned house in Makwa

Hotel and tavern in Makwa

Grain Silos in Makwa

Sigh.... I've had those days too... More than I can count...

Turtle Lake Four Squares Church in Livelong

Who said Saskatchewan was a flat province?

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  1. It is surprising how vibrant a community can be even though you don't see a town... lots of farmers gather for dances, card games, etc in those halls. We have alot of Saskatchewan people retired here in the Victoria area and they still miss the life there.