Saturday, April 4, 2009

Lethbridge part 2

A little closer to home this time, we are in Carstairs, Alberta - a charming little town only about an hour north of Calgary. I've only ever seen Carstairs once before, from the cab of a locomotive I took north to Red Deer during my railway days. It's a much nicer town from ground level!!

Here are some other photos from Lethbridge I didn't bother to post last time. We got hit with a freak snowstorm, so the photos aren't the greatest... :(

One of the landmarks in Lethbridge is the famous High Level bridge, the longest steel
railway bridge in Canada, and one of the longest in the world. A train heading
towards Lethbridge Yard puts on a nice, smoky show.

The bridge is so long, it often times can hold an entire train... as evidenced here.

The bridge crosses the Oldman River valley, a spectacular river cut west of Lethbridge.

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